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Welcome to the website of TechTest company, the manufacturer of Recognoil® device and provider of consulting services in the field of surface treatment and detection of greasy dirt!

Company Information

TechTest, s.r.o.

TechTest company is engaged in the development of screening equipment and methods for control of surface quality.

In 2014 our company introduced a new version of a unique device for the detection of greasy dirt - Recognoil. Developed device is able to provide real time information about grease contamination of the object's surface as an image data (2D and 3D) with a variety of other useful information (the percentage of greasy dirt on the surface, the layer thickness, the dirt type or the contamination cause). As the other methods to detect oil contamination are expensive and time-consuming issues, Recognoil® device saves the user's time and money. Recognoil is suitable for trace oil contamination detection on metal surfaces.

TechTest company also provides specialized consulting services in the field of surface treatment and is actively involved in cooperation with universities in research and development.


Our Services

Consulting Services

Consulting services in the field of surface treatment.

Process Optimization

Detection of greasy dirt for the better quality of your processes!

Development of New Equipment

Development of new equipment and software solutions for the detection of greasy dirt.

Service Activity

Service activity and technical support for our customers!


Are you interested in Recognoil® device? Are you interested in our services? For more information please contact us any time!

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